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The Famed Music Producer D/R Period is A Whole Nother Lit as he Releases New Music

Music producer
D/R Period

Imagine being behind the scenes dominating some of the most famed songs that ever graced the radio. D/R Period is an legendary music producer who has monopolized the game for decades. The New York Native is responsible for producing popular hits such as "Ante Up" by M.O.P feat. Busta Rhymes, Remy Ma , and Teflon. D/R also produced rap artist Cam'ron 2002 hit "Hey Ma". The esteemed producer and artist has been able to bless the music industry with certified hits, exceedingly over 30 million worldwide in album sales. D/R Period has contributed to cultural songs that dominate impactful tv scenes, songs that makes you dance, and possibly make you shed a tear. His catalog is implacable and speaks volume as he can be proclaimed as one of the most impactful music producers in the game. D/R's music has streamed throughout tv shows, movies, and commercials.

D/R Period is a man of many talents and adroitness, impacting lives as he contributes to the art of music. His career starts from receiving his first deal as an artist when he was signed by Hurricane Records. At the time D/R Period went by the name D/R Darryl D. After the passing of his DJ and longtime friend DJ Omega Supreme he stepped back from the artist side and focused on producing. His producing talents lead him to many doors that will be forever lifechanging.

His career has expanded gracefully as he has worked with artist such as Jay-Z, Biggie, Nas, 2-Pac, SWV, Ice-T, The Jacksons, Sting, DMX, and array more. His diversity and the way he is able to cater to all music genres and generations is astounding. He has produced Gospel, Hip-Hop, Pop, RnB, Rap, and Club Mix. D/R Period certainly deserve his flowers as he has in some way or form made us bounce our head or dance off one of his tracks. So many work a lifetime to accomplish what D/R Period has done over the years, building an empire for himself. With his synergetic skills, D/R Period has successfully made a remarkable career for himself.

The music maker is known to hit impactable accolades throughout his thriving career. One of many is having the highest streaming song on the popular AMC show Breaking Bad. He also produced the appreciable Drake and 21 Savage "Middle Of The Ocean" 2022 track. Not only do he produce and write, he has devoted time into developing many impactful artists. His website gives you more insight and opportunity on how you can work with him.

Now it's time for D/R Period to step in the front after years of assassinating behind the scenes. D/R has been working on some impactful inspirational music. He plans to hit the industry in a new way sharing his voice to motivate his fans. D/R Period is gracing the music industry with his artistry becoming the artist that can impact on both sides of the field. D/R is about to release albums that will surprise the music industry as he got something special up his sleeves. His latest single "A Whole Nother Lit" expresses the feel-good energy with a vibe of innovation. Contributing his style and grace as he is using his music to positive influential a wave. D/R period is on the way to revamping and we at Poetic Stories is here for it. Knowing his ability to adapt to changes and time, this is certainly a good direction for the vaunted producer and music artist. It's safe to say D/R Period is a definitely a WHOLE NOTHER LIT!


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