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Kraig Wenman is releasing his new movie BANDIT today, Friday September 23rd, 2022. The premiere over the last few days has received great reviews so far. Kraig is an writer, director and producer, with over 60 feature script sales and producing over 25 films. The Vancouver, Canada screenplay writer created BANDIT with Canadian director Allan Ungar. Kraig Wenman gave us, Poetic Stories behind the scenes of his new movie and the backstory of his early career leading to his success now.

Wenman is very talented and knowledgeable in his career.

The writer has a great sense of humor that add to his catalog of gifts. Kraig Wenman explained how it wasn't easy getting his writing career started sharing his experience of being poor for a brief moment in life while focusing on his career. He jokes about his first film and how it was not good at all explaining it was a learning experience and apart of his growth.

The storyteller Kraig Wenman new movie BANDIT Stars Mel Gibson, Josh Duhamel, Elisha Cuthbert and a host of other very talented and wonderful cast mates. Kraig explains the ease it was working with the veteran and award-winning Mel Gibson. He explained how Gibson was a breeze to work with onset of BANDIT and they were able to bounce ideas off each other very easily. The movie BANDIT is a true-life story that shares the events and journey of Gilbert Galvan Jr. the main character. Galvan is known for escaping a Michigan facility in 1984 and relocating to Canada and which he spent his time going on a high-end robbery spree including banks and jewelry stores.

Bandit Film Preview

BANDIT writer Kraig Wenman


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