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Door Fourteen Company Offers Fashion and Lifestyle

Parnell Chestnut Door Fourteen CEO
Parnell Chestnut

You could've chosen any door to walk through but somehow you landed in front of "Door Fourteen". The brand is more than clothing offering programs including life skills, financial literacy, and job preparation. Door Fourteen, a social enterprise with headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio, offers opportunity and balance. People of all ages and races with varied abilities are encouraged to realize their full potential. However, selling trendy clothing online using their e-commerce platform is Door Fourteen's eye catcher at the moment.

Door Fourteen is a privately owned and operated company that upholds the ardent pursuit of success and quality via unwavering services.

The valued company Door Fourteen mission is to support people in enhancing their overall quality of life. Giving those opportunities so they can lead a movement that encourages both individual and collective efforts for development. Door Fourteen is dedicated to providing a comprehensive strategy that enables people to set goals and accomplish them.

Door Fourteen
Door Fourteen

Parnell's daughter Aaniyah Chestnut served as the inspiration for Door Fourteen. Parnell asked Aaniyah what she would do when she turned 18 in 2018, her answer was familiar to him. Aaniyah responded, who was 10 at the time, "Get a job and go to college." Immediately after that, Parnell realized he wanted to give his daughter more choices. Aaniyah stated the same two frequent alternatives that were given to Parnell as a youth. The per usual teaching methods, pursuing education or finding employment.

Door Fourteen is much more than just two words; it also refers to the company as a whole.

The CEO of Door Fourteen, Parnell Chestnut, explains it in detail. The "Door" stands for opening doors for young people that are not typical of society, such acquiring a job and going to college. When it comes to determining a child's career route, we believe that the age "Fourteen" is a useful indicator.


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