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Damita Bishop Visited Savannah Georgia on the behalf of Shacqeal Sanders and Henry Speaks

Advocate Damita Bishop, with group F.A.I.R (FIGHTING AGAINST INSTITUTIONALIZED RAILROADING) based out of Atlanta, Georgia area, spoke in Savannah this weekend about the unjust judicial system. Damita Bishop is acknowledged for her passionate advocacy for the rights of citizens who have been unfairly treated by the criminal justice system. Her visit to Savannah has been eagerly anticipated by those who are looking for change.

In her speech, Damita Bishop addressed several issues that have plagued the judicial system in Georgia. As she focused on the over-sentencing of citizens and the lack of equitable sentencing, the crowd was in agreement. Damita also discussed the failure to assign district attorneys to cases and overcharging defendants. The problematic issue can result in the mishandling of evidence and ultimately lead to wrongful convictions.

One case that Damita Bishop highlighted is that of Shacqeal Sanders and Henry Speaks. The two incarcerated young men were sent to trial with other defendants who were not involved in their case. This violated Sanders and Speaks' right to a fair trial, which the prosecutor also did not grant them a severance. If Sanders and Speaks rights were treated fairly, it would have allowed them to have a separate trial. This is just one example of the ways in which the system has failed citizens, and Damita Bishop argued that it is time for a change.

Bishop's previous speeches, including her recent address at the MLK monument, have drawn large crowds and garnered support from the community. Her message has resonated with Georgians who are ready for a change in the system. Damita Bishop visit to Savannah was sure to inspire those who are looking for justice within their loved ones cases.

The fight for a fair and just judicial system is ongoing, and advocates like Damita Bishop are leading the charge. Through their heartfelt work, they are bringing attention to the issues that are plaguing the system and calling for change. With more advocates like Damita Bishop speaking out, it is possible to create a more equitable and just society for all citizens. The people of Georgia are ready to make it happen, as change has to be the outcome.


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