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Cordarryl Franklin who is originally from Arkansas, is currently a Dallas, Texas resident. He has always loved the sport of basketball as he played throughout his childhood and briefly through college. The now youth trainer explains how basketball helped him with his current career and business C4 NXT LVL. The prospering entrepreneur felt he had more to offer with the game of basketball, He put all the positive energy towards his career and started to execute. Cord Franklin dealt with the politics of understanding dedication and hard work as he became an elite coach.

The community leader felt training the youth gave him joy as he gave back to the sport of basketball. Cordarryl also assists with mentoring the youth, as he helps them to avoid some of the hardships he dealt with over the years. Cordarryl Franklin is a pillar for the community and assist the youth in ways that focuses on fulfilling their dreams. The flourishing C4 NXT LVL business has been in existence for 4 years now, with many years to go. The impactful coach built the brand and business from the ground up, literally from scratch. He expresses the hardships but felt overall its very rewarding as he continues to help others and build foundations. Cordarryl Franklin business is flourishing now, and is one of the premier basketball training organizations, in the Dallas Ft. Worth area. Cordarryl also has many other hidden talents including the gift of poetry.

Cord Franklin
Cord Franklin


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