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Candyce Johnson- Wife, Mother, and Business Owner

Family bloggers and influencers are millennials that often resonate with a large audience.

Candyce Johnson is an admired influencer that shares positivity throughout her content and social media.

The Wife, mother, and business owner has created a fan base that gravitated to her graciousness. She takes her social media to dispense beauty, fashion, home decor, and simply life. The love Candyce Johnson shows for her family is act of nourishment. Showing the art of togetherness, expressing positivity within black families and how beautiful it is to create one. Candyce page inspires on lookers that taps into her creative content, using it as motivation for herself as well.

What’s admired most about Candyce Johnson is how she dishes out variety parts of her life such as motherhood, family, and her weight loss journey. Rather it’s date night with the hubby, beautiful photos with the family, or creating forever lasting moments with her children, she doesn’t waver from being genuinely herself.

Tapping into Candyce Johnson content, social media, and website, you will find parts of her and how she balances her complex but happy life. Plus-size fashion, Glam Candy Brand, and so much more are available on both platforms. It's obviously clear that she pushes herself to go beyond the abilities, setting herself to reach for the stars.

Stated by Candyce Johnson - "Let's conquer this thing we call life and be the best we can be together".


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