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Briana Aniysa - spiritual teacher, student, & Poet

Have you felt like you needed some type of spiritual guidance or insight on your life?

Briana Aniysa is one of the free spirited individuals who have diligently stepped into her calling, being led by spirit and opening her heart to those who are seeking guidance and spiritual insight.

A free spirit and loving soul, constantly trying to heal, change, evolve and love. We could call it the modern day “hippie”, Briana Aniysa is seeking to fulfill peace and happiness through living her most authentic life and helping others find their light in the darkness with wisdom and insight, which also has helped Briana recognize the fulfilling of her calling. Being tapped into her higher self

Briana created Curly Hair Vegan Brand in 2016 & Sol Healing Shop in 2020. Curly Hair Vegan, was naturally formed by Briana by sharing her natural hair and vegan journey. After seeing the success, she released an e-book of her recipes. And Sol Healing, was created when her daughter was born, Briana was making jewelry and selling healing products which helped her elevate to a higher mindset, which evolved into the goal of manifesting physical places in the future, for future generations

Briana has also worked with a few celebs, "I worked with celebrities before they become celebrities. Celebrities are humans and i’m on a path of showing people just how human they are yet how powerful they are was well, we are the next celebrities"

Contact Info:

Email : curlyhairvegan @ gmail .com


Briana's Wellness Shop : solhealingshop. com

Briana's Holistic Vegan Brand : http://curlyhairvegan. com/

Briana's Poetry & Music : http://brianaaniysa. com/


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