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Brian and Beige Miller: Cool and Calm Productions and BtheMillers Luxurious Travels- Love and Hustle

Happy Couple Brian and Beige Miller
Brian and Beige Miller

Love is beautiful but love and hustle is remarkable, Brian and Begeline Miller has learned to capture both with their marriage and businesses. Not only do the Millers share a loving union but the Millers also have successful companies that are impactful amongst their clients.

Brian Miller is a remarkable individual who embodies the true spirit of advocacy and leadership. A dedicated advocate for the upliftment and support of the black community, Brian has been actively involved in various endeavors. Not only is the father of two a member of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity and a Prince Hall Freemason, but he also excels in multiple professional domains. Brian is a respected realtor, utilizing his expertise to help individuals find their dream homes. On top of that, he is a talented athlete, playing Semi-Pro football for the Marlboro Shamrocks, a team that has achieved great success with two national championships under their belt.

One of Brian's notable roles includes his involvement with Cool and Calm Productions, a renowned record label based in the UK. As part of the team, he works closely with his father, Loxley Beech, the founder and CEO of the company" Cool and Calm Productions ". The favorable company has been making waves in the music industry, and now with Brian's support, they are eager to expand their reach to the United States. With their unique sound and commitment to promoting talented artists, Cool and Calm Productions has the potential to make a significant impact on the American music scene. Brian Miller's passion and dedication make him an invaluable asset to the company as they embark on this exciting new chapter.

Begeline Miller also known as Beige is the wife of Brian Miller and as a wife and mother, she also has the true hustler trait. Beige majored in Healthcare Management and graduated with her bachelors in 2012. The Massachusetts native is the proud owner of Bthmillers Luxurious Travels. The travel agency is known for its professionalism providing customers with the best travel experience ever.

Brian and Beige Miller

Bthmillers Luxurious Travels offers deals of the week, trending exclusive offers, live chat, and trip protection and coverage. The value that Beige Miller company bring to her clients is astonishing, an certified family-owned travel agency delivering the best. Services in partnerships with businesses and brands including Lamour Bel Events and ouRevolution Group.

Having the time to book vacations for work or simply a family vacation can be overwhelming at moments, that's when Beige Miller and her team sweeps in to save the day. With Bthmillers Luxurious Travels you always leave with a pleasant experience undoubtedly. Being apart of Cool and Calm Productions will certainly boost your career. Leading you in further positions that others aren't able to do with organic and successful results. Recently, trending Baltimore artist Logan H. James went on the most amazing trip to London; professionally booked and handled by Beige Miller and her travel agency. Logan was in the UK with Cool and Calm Productions recording songs and visuals with the credible record label. Rapper Logan H. James talked about how amazing the experience and trip was with no Hassel. Only thing he complained about was he had too much fun and can't wait to book his next trip with Bthmillers.

Overall, Brian and Beige are couple goals, simply validating real love and dedication. Check out the Millers on their Instagram page and also their website. Bthmillers lets go!!!!


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