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Door Fourteen - More than clothing

Poetic Stories has plenty of dope sponsors and this month we are giving shine to Door Fourteen. Door Fourteen is a brand owned by an father and daughter Parnell and Aniyah Chestnut. The Cleveland, Ohio Brand is giving back to the youth with more than clothing.

Door 14 is known for its catchy clothing brand but the message behind door 14 is bigger than merch. It's a lifestyle that comes from genuine people with morals behind their brand. Interacting with the owners personally is an experience many seems to enjoy, and it adds value to the brand itself! Door 14 drops new merch constantly check them out!

need more info on door fourteen check out links provided on this page.

“Check Door 14 out on all Platforms"

How to become a sponsor for Poetic Stories

We work with many brands and organizations. When you become a sponsor for Poetic Stories, we offer multiple streams of marketing. We want our sponsors to know they are very important to our team and deserve the best. Our sponsors are more than a parentship when we join each other we become a family. Our sponsor will always be presented at our events featured in our ads, and on our social media content. Our sponsors products will often be offered for sale at events and online. Networking opportunity is available for special marketing for our sponsors. #sponsorship #Brands We offer 2 sponsorship plans very simple. You can become a sponsor for just a specia event or you can be a full time sponsor.

Promotional Partner: We help boost your company through our outlets. Including radio, magazine, influencers and social media. Including benefits and publicity. We except your goods, products, and gift cards for prizes, venues and giveaways. Sponsorship is offered digital and in-person depending on what is going on at the time.

Shout Out To some of Our Sponsor:


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