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Baby Skip Making Moves: New Single "The Faxts", New Music, Mixtapes Features, and Kitchen Mafia

Baby Skip - Detroit Artist
Baby Skip

Baby Skip is launching his career with music, business adventures, hustling mentality, and overall dedication.

After being away from the music scene for a minute Baby Skip has been coming full force since the end of 2022 and extending into 2023. The latest single by rap artist Baby Skip was just released and is determined to be a summer hit. "The Faxts" single has got the fans in a daze and has been captivating motion. Baby Skip spoke on his intricate struggles as a child and talked about his accomplishments as an adult. Accompanied by his raw emotion and energetic voice he is making his own sound. The up-and-coming rap artist just officially dropped and is in heavy rotation. "The Faxts" video has reached over 8k views within a week of its official release date. The music video that was shot and released under Stache House Ent. has stirred up the urban music scene. The Hip-Hop artist has dropped over four visuals within the last six months, showing his crazy work ethic as he put on for the city of Detroit. The way he uses his witticism is grasping the attention of blogs and fans from all over. Compelling his words together and using the flow to hit the beat is what the young Detroit rapper does. He has personally acknowledged how he has grown with his creativity and has expanded his catalog.

Baby Skip -The Faxts- Single
Baby Skip

It's no surprise he is currently trending because Baby Skip is sparking attention and has been the topic as one of the hottest up and coming Hip-Hop artist. He has been in the studio releasing sniping albums and singles consistently. Baby Skip will be featured on "The Whoop Family" mixtape that features artist such as Skilla Baby, Sada Baby, FMB DZ, Unkle D Money and more FMB members. He also is featured on the "Patience Is A Virtue 2" mixtape that has popular rap artist Ayo Sketch on it and other dope artist. The competent Baby Skip is young, new, and something fresh with an unfiltered wave that pours throughout his music. If not constantly releasing dope track and fire visuals isn't enough, Baby Skip also just dropped some exclusive exiting news with Poetic Stories. Impressively, he has joined some other talented Detroit artist as they collaboratively started a record label name Kitchen Mafia. Big Bank Homie, Pape, Qleen Kevo, and Baby Skip is on to something with this fire collab as a record label. Patiently waiting to see what Kitchen Mafia has in store for the entertainment industry.

As you can see Baby Skip been on the grind and dominating the rap game right now as he is earning his spot. You can catch his songs on all streaming platforms as he listeners relates as he pours dynamic lyrics through his music. Bringing that Detroit flavor, the polished artist is coming heat and turning his underground to mainstream sound. His music journey has led him to stages and shows frequently in the last few months. Music is not the only identity of the Hip-Hop artist, his flashy Jewelry and capability of accessing his highly fashion style has caught eyes as well. At the moment Detroit is hot with the music scene and has been shutting down the game lately cultivating a culturally wave. Unapologetic Baby Skip has added himself to the list of up next and keep watching him to see!


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