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ASAPWITTHECANON Keep Droppping Banger Visuals Including Fetty Wap New Visual "ONE EYE WILLIE"

Asapwitthecanon holding camera and Fetty Wap

ASAPWITTHECANON who real name is Larry A. Peterman has done it again after recently dropping a fire visual with Grammy Nominee rap artist Fetty Wap. The Hip-Hop artist Fetty Wap is known for his trendy single "Trap Queen" that was released in 2014. The official visual "One Eye Willie" dropped a few weeks ago on ASAP's and Fetty's YouTube channel. "One Eye Willie" video effects and edits is off the chain and is undeniably engaging. One thing that was noticeable about Fetty Wap's new video that he graced the beat with no flashy chain just bars and delivery. ASAPWITTHECANON and rap artist Fetty Wap met at the hip-hop artist Arsonal Da Rebal Big Jersey volume One album release party. The videographer and rap artist ever since build a genuine friendship that stormed with talent and mindset.

The Elizabeth City State graduate Larry proudly studied fours year at the scholarly black university. Larry A. Peterman is also a proud member of the historical fraternity Phi Beta Sigma, making his stamp with the blue and white. Larry A. Peterman's affiliation with Phi Beta Sigma, a prominent fraternity founded at Howard University in 1914, exemplifies his commitment to brotherhood, scholarship, and service. As a proud member, Peterman embodies the fraternity's principles and values, which include promoting education, community engagement, and cultural enrichment. Through his work as a videographer and director, Peterman consistently upholds the fraternity's legacy and inspires others within the organization.

Larry A. Peterman sitting in chair
Larry A. Peterman

Today videographers are becoming the DJ's push behind the artists. Your visuals are the compound factor to an addition to your music, film, or content. Director and videographer ASAPWITTHECANON does just that, forming a formula to catch fans eye. His skills are the ultimate assistance with music artists and expand their creativity. Larry has made an impact from behind the lens, providing visuals that are rare and raw. The camera pro is literally impeccable with creative content, making visuals extend beyond limits. Larry dedication is seen not only as a music video director but through his wedding videos, short promos, and creative photoshoots. His wide variety of skills has kept him in the front line as he also edits and DP as well.

Hiring a professional to scoop up your visual needs can get tricky at times. A visual is essential and can make everything a step better, giving your artistry the ability to hit another level. The Plainfield, New Jersy videographer tech has done that with artists such as Fetty Wap, NLE Choppa, Arsonal Da Rebal, and etched his name in the industry as an accomplished videographer and director. His journey began with a passion for storytelling and a keen eye for capturing moments through a lens. Combining technical expertise with artistic vision, Peterman has developed a distinct style that sets him apart from his peers.

Larry A. Petermen is the ace with the camera, using his expertise to deliver worthy content. Keeping visuals fresh and lavish as he steps in front to create a motion visual that creates waves. Whether it's capturing the energy of a live performance or crafting a compelling storyline, Peterman's videos leave a lasting impact on viewers. Content that serves quality and bold statement, get Larry on it ASAP-WITTHECANON!

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28 juil. 2023

👑👑🙌🏾🙌🏾💪🏾📸💐🙏🏾Keep up the great work! You are raising the bar for other great minds in the industry! Congratulations King. #Trice


27 juil. 2023

Asap I see you!!

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