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Akewi and Bmore Wrap Review: Empowering Baltimore's Creative Community

In the ever-evolving world of social media, Akewi, the founder of Bmore Wrap Review, has emerged as a passionate advocate for Baltimore's vibrant arts and entrepreneurial scene. After serving a seven-year prison sentence, Akewi found solace and inspiration in the power of social media platforms like Instagram. As a poet and rapper, he understood the struggles faced by artists and entrepreneurs in gaining recognition and support. Fuelled by his own experiences, Akewi embarked on a mission to create a platform that would uplift and showcase the talents of Baltimore's diverse creative community.

Upon his release in 2016, Akewi delved into the world of social media, initially feeling disheartened by the lack of engagement and support he received. Determined to change the narrative, he began to explore ways to provide a platform that would amplify the voices of artists, musicians, poets, dancers, and aspiring entrepreneurs in Baltimore. Combining his passion for creativity and his desire to foster a supportive community, Akewi founded Bmore Wrap Review in 2018.

The Bmore Rap Review platform quickly evolved to encompass a broader range of art forms. Recognizing the immense talent and ambition present in Baltimore, Akewi renamed the platform as Bmore Wrap Review, symbolizing its commitment to showcasing not only rap, but also poetry, music, dance, singing, and the entrepreneurial endeavors of Baltimore's artists. The platform aims to provide a comprehensive representation of the city's artistic spectrum, sharing the diverse creations and stories of its talented residents.

One notable contribution of Bmore Wrap Review to the Baltimore culture is its collaboration with the Love and Hip Hop 410 Open Mic. This weekly event, held at The Downtown Cultural Arts Center, provides a platform for artists to showcase their talents and connect with like-minded individuals. Bmore Wrap Review's support of this open mic night has further amplified the voices of Baltimore's creative community, encouraging artistic expression and fostering a sense of unity.

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