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Married Couple and Business Partners Creates Torrius Tv

Torrius Tv
Wayne and Torrius Hooper

Being happily married and running a successful business with your mate is an overdrive of accomplishments. Wayne "Hoopdee" Hooper and his wife Torrius Hooper is a prime example of this behavior. Torrius Hooper became a prospering social media influencer on Tic Tok with almost an hundred- thousand followers. Unfortunately, Torrius was banned for reposting an old post about personal experiences. Torrius Hooper was crushed and had to start all over, despite her doing well on Instagram she hasn't regained the following that she successfully maintained on the popular social media platform Tik Tok.

Torrius husband and partner Wayne Hooper decided to find a solution to help his wife after witnessing her disappointment. Wayne started to research Internet Tv seeking options and opportunities they had to offer. In short, Wayne Hooper wanted to help his wife Torrius Hooper regain her following and provide a platform that she would not have to worry about getting banned or reported. She wanted to be able to express herself and post positive content with freedom of speech. Wayne Hooper found a way to make something special happen for his beloved wife Torrius. Quick on his feet Wayne purchased his own TV Channel and named it after his wife, naming it "Torrius TV". The up-and-coming Torrius Tv have decided to partner with us at Poetic Stories and do a 10-member giveaway for 1 month free of airtime and after the month you will receive a discount as well if refereed by Poetic Stories. We are looking forward to seeing great content from Torrius Tv. Will you be next to put your content on Torrius TV? Seems like a good way to expand your business or brand.


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