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J Mac! The personal trainer and fitness model.!

Born and raised from Detroit, Michigan. Josh aka JMac the personal trainer from Detroit. A strong self aware black man all about progression standing 6’2 athlete who is passionate about improving the well being of our people. Josh got into the fitness field with the influence and combination depression, purpose finding, and passion led him to the career as a Personal Trainer/Nutritionist, going on 2 1/2 years

"This fitness career fills me" as Josh says, "Inspiring people to become more healthy and fit is a joy. People become so much more confident in every part of life. It improves people’s mental and emotional capabilities outside of the physical improvements. I know that helping people in fitness will be able to contribute positively in every aspect of life and to know that I can contribute to that positivity and progression just does it".

Josh is inspired by wanting to simply improve. He always want to push himself to see how much stronger (literally and physically) he can get in fitness. Moreover, the meeting and exceeding the goals that his clients set for themselves keeps a fire under him to always stay on his toes and improve, because as they improve, he improves.

Josh started his fitness business called FitLyf By JMac . Est October 2020. At the start of his fitness career was literally off a prayer and education where I wanted to start this for myself, with my own independent brand. Seeing how it’s grown and the people I’ve helped along the way from that start.. I love it. JMac has inspirations to work with celebrities as well as it is definitely a goal of his to be able to work with some who are dedicated to change in their lifestyle. "Truly pray a door opens with that". JMac has many services and products coming in the near future!

Instagram: jmac_stillgettinit


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